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About Us

As a wheelchair user I really appreciate the opportunities these Electric Handcycle Attachments provide giving increased independence and the ability to get to places I wouldn't otherwise be able to visit. I liked it so much that I decided to offer these Attachments for sale, hoping to give other wheelchair users similar pleasure and fun.

Together with my father, we have built up considerable knowledge of these products and are happy to give advice on suitability and provide after sales support to customers. We strive for service excellence and customer satisfaction.


  • Can provide advice on whether the attachment will connect with your chair.

  • Have built up an excellent relationship with the factory in China and are able to count on their support when required.

  • Ensure that orders are placed on the factory with no communication issues and without delay.

  • Provide a 30 day returns policy.

  • Use PayPal for secure website payments, thereby additionally ensuring their buyer protection scheme.

  • Ensure that orders are expedited promptly and progress chase the freight process.

  • Have worked with HMRC and the factory to ensure no Import Duty or VAT is payable by the customer on delivery.

  • Provide after sales support and advice.

  • In the rare event of a warranty claim, will liaise with the factory to provide customer satisfaction.

These Electric Handcycle Attachments may not suit all wheelchair users so please see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information. Also see the videos on my YouTube channel and follow the links to my Facebook and Instagram pages. If you would still like to know more please just contact us. Thank you.


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