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Answers To Your Questions

Will this fit my wheelchair?

This Attachment is designed to fit a wide range of wheelchairs. We recommend rigid frame chairs but the factory say it is suitable for some folding chairs.

The critical aspects for fitment to a chair are:
- Frame front down tube of round cross section and diameter 19 to 33mm.
- A straight section tube, minimum 55mm long, towards the upper part of the front down tubes.
- The front tubes should be angled slightly forward from top to the foot plate at the bottom.

This Attachment is not suitable for chairs with removable footplate arms as the fixings of the arms, to the main frame, are unlikely to be sufficiently strong and the main frame legs too far back and too upright.

If in doubt please contact us.

See video for connection method 

What is the size and weight of the Attachment?

The Attachment is easily transported and is just 100cm in height.

The weight of the 500W 12” Diameter Wheel No Suspension Attachment, without a battery, is 12.5kg. The version with suspension is about 0.5kg heavier.

What are the speed controls?

The Handcycle uses a right hand quarter twist grip throttle and has the facility to set a maximum speed and is able to be set with a cruise control above 6km/h. If required, a Left hand throttle is available..


It has 3 ‘speed’ settings or ‘gears’. In reality these are really power settings. They will affect the maximum speed with 1 being the slowest and 3 the fastest but also setting 2 or 3 will be necessary to give the power to go up steeper inclines. There is a reverse ‘gear’ too.


The manufactures state that the maximum speed is 30 km/h (18.6mph).

Tell me more about the batteries?

The Attachment is available with three battery options, 8Ah, 13.2Ah and 14Ah. The 8Ah battery is the lightest, great for ease of transport and the only battery that conforms to the CAA regulations for taking on a plane, but is only suitable for shorter journeys. The larger batteries will give more range before a recharge is required and the extra weight over the front wheel will increase traction, reducing spinning of the front wheel on loose ground and steeper inclines. Of course the larger batteries do increase the cost.


The approximate distance that each battery would propel the Attachment at 10 miles per hour on a smooth flat and level surface, before a recharge is required, would be:

8Ah, 15 miles

13.2Ah, 25 miles

14Ah, 27 miles


This is under ideal conditions. On rough/loose ground and on inclines these distances will reduce, probably considerably on steep hills.


The approximate weights of each battery are:


8Ah, 1.6kg

11.6Ah, 2.5kg

14Ah, 2.6kg


The batteries have indicator lights to show the amount of charge left in the battery and this is also displayed on the computer screen on the handlebars.

Should I choose with or without suspension?

I have the 12” wheel version without suspension and I am very happy with it. It has good traction over smooth and rougher surfaces, assisted by keeping the tyre pressure low (5psi or less) and leaning forward to put more weight over the front wheel, when required. The soft tyre gives a degree of cushioning too and with this type of device, most of the weight is carried by the main wheels of the wheelchair anyway.

The model with suspension is slightly less easy to lift and transport, as it's a bit heavier and more bulky. The suspension units are probably too stiff to work effectively, however, there is rear tilt adjustment on the handlebars. This reduces the reach and is, therefore, recommended for shorter users.

Does the Attachment require assembly on arrival?

Yes some, but it's pretty straight forward and the required tools are included. There are no assembly instructions but we can provide a video to help.

Will this Attachment be suitable for me?

This is a relatively simple and light weight device and offers exceptional value for money. It should be suitable for most wheelchair users, but not all. Users will need a degree of dexterity to operate the righthand twist grip throttle and at least one brake lever, which are on the left and right side (gentle throttle and brake control are desirable). Connection to the wheelchair can be fiddly, see video, I get somebody else to connect/disconnect for me. This type of device does need some user mobility to get their weight forward to avoid the front wheel from slipping when going up hill or on loose/slippery ground. There are some settings and techniques to help and we would be happy to advise. The manufactures state a maximum user weight of 150kg, however, it may not fit wider Bariatric Wheelchairs. Larger users may find the clearance between the handlebars and their legs tight when connecting the attachment, we can advise some adjustment to reduce this. Finally a degree of mechanical aptitude would be helpful to assist with assembly and maintenance, eg adjusting the brake cables. If unsure then a bike or e-bike shop could do the maintenance for you.

We don't want to supply an Attachment if it is not suitable for you, Please contact us before you purchase, if you are in any doubt.

Can I take the Attachment on an Aeroplane?

Yes. As it's a disabled aid it should be free to take in the hold. You should pack the Attachment in the box that it arrived in so keep the packing materials in good condition. You should pack the battery separately as this will need to be taken with you in the cabin. You will need permission to take the battery from the Airline so let them know about the battery at check-in. Note the Voltage and Ampere-hours as the Airline staff may ask, however, please be aware of the CAA regulations mentioned below.


The CAA regulations for ‘wheelchairs and mobility aids powered by lithium batteries’ states that you should notify the airline prior to travel. Lithium batteries must be taken in the cabin as hand luggage and the maximum rating of the battery should be 300Wh calculated by the voltage (36) multiplied by the capacity in Ampere hours. Only the 8Ah battery at, 36x8=288Wh, satisfies the regulations.


I have travelled many times with initially 11.6 and more recently a 14Ah battery without problem. I have not advised the airline before arriving at check-in but the Airlines have allowed me to take the battery in the cabin. If you don’t want to risk a problem then the 8Ah batteries are available on this site.

What is your return policy?

Returns accepted within 30 days of delivery.

Customer to disassemble the device and repack in the original packaging and box so as to avoid damage to the device during transport. will arrange for a courier to collect the packaged device at a time convenient to the customer. Customer to pay the return postage cost. reserve the right to charge a 10% restocking fee, subject to inspection of the returned device.

Refund will be made as soon as the inspection is completed.

What are your payment options?

Card, PayPal and Apple Pay.


All popular debit and credit cards are accepted by selecting 'checkout' on the cart. Alternatively select 'PayPal Checkout' to use PayPal express and secure website payments, offering their card payments, finance options and providing PayPal buyer protection. Apple Pay is also available for customers who use this service on their mobile phones.

Are spare parts available?

All parts are readily available, We hold many in stock in the UK, for fast delivery. If necessary spare parts can be sent directly to you by Airfreight from the factory in China.. Contact us for prices.

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