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500W 36V Electric Handcycle Attachment

No Suspension
Part Number WH12A/500
LCD005 Display
Double Disk Brake
12 Inch Diameter Wheel

Upgraded 22A Controller
8Ah Battery Polly Type 36 Volt, only suitable for shorter journeys but satisfies Civil Aviation Authority regulations. Upgrade with larger battery in options, if required

Free UK and European Delivery
Duty Free in UK and EU


SKU: 364215376135191
  • Electric Handcycle Attachment for your Wheelchair

    Wheel can turn 90 degrees for ease of manoeuvrability both inside and out.

    Compact and relatively light weight.

    Can be easily transported in a car boot or trunk.

    Can be taken on airplane free as Mobility Aid, but check out the CAA battery requirements here.

    Easily attached to most wheelchairs but not suitable for chairs with removable footplate arms.

    Can be used on smooth pavements, roads, potholes, grass and inclines.

    Adjustable height steering to suit rider.

    Please read the FAQ for more essential information.



    Powerful electric motor fitted within wheel hub (size options).

    Rechargeable Lithium battery complete with charger (size options).

    Front led headlight.

    Twin disk brakes with on no suspension models, single disk brake on with suspension handcycle.

    Brake lock for stop on inclines.

    Twist grip throttle.

    Display computer to set; speed 1 to 3 and reverse, cruise speed, maximum speed limit.

    12 month Manufactures Warranty (see details).

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